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About Us

Chicago North Shore is a top-ranked 15s and 7s program. We play in the Women's Premier League (WPL), the nation’s top women's rugby league. In 2022 and 2023 we had a top 4 finish at the Club 7s National Championship. The current player pool consists of approximately 40+ dedicated athletes with experience ranging from beginners to past and aspiring Women’s Eagles.

Our Story

Chicago North Shore was founded as a Division II club and played its first game as a 7s team during the Summer of 1995. North Shore then became a top performer in Division I 15s all throughout the 2010's. In 2010, the team made its first trip to the Division I Final Four and took home 3rd. In 2011 Chicago North Shore won the National Championship. We then returned to the National Championship Finals in both 2014 and 2016, claiming second place both times. Following those performances, we joined the Women Premier League (WPL) in 2018. The WPL is the highest level of competition available to women – consisting of the top 10 (top 7 since 2023) teams nationwide. The league is currently making history by taking steps towards professionalizing the women's game.

The club also revived its competitive summer 7s program in 2018. Since then, we have placed in the top 3 of the Midwest each year and are attended 7s Nationals 2021-2023 with top 4 finishes both in '22 and '23.


2024 is forecasted to be yet another thrilling year of rugby for all our amazing athletes as we ready up for Winter invitational 7s tours, another WPL 15s season, and another exciting 7s ride that will hopefully end with a national title.

Recent competitive history:

  • 2010 - first trip to D1 Final Four (3rd place)

  • 2011 - D1 National Champions

  • 2012 - D1 playoffs (5th place)

  • 2014 - D1 National Championship 2nd place

  • 2015 - D1 National Quarter finalist

  • 2016 - D1 National Championship 2nd place

  • 2017 - D1 playoffs (5th place)

  • 2017 - WPL 8th place finishers

  • 2018 - 7s 3rd in the Midwest

  • 2018 - WPL 8th place finishers

  • 2019 - 7s 2nd in the Midwest

  • 2021 - 7s 2nd in the Midwest and 11th place at WPL Nationals

  • 2022 - WPL 6th place finishers

  • 2022 - 7s Midwest Champions and 4th place at 7s Nationals

  • 2023 - Midwest 7s Invitational Championship Champions and 4th at 7s Nationals

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