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Former Players

You are always a part of North Shore, even after you stop playing. Staying a part of the rugby community and the North Shore family keeps the Club and sport of women’s rugby continuing for years to come. We want to encourage all “Old Girls” to attend North Shore games, community events, sponsored activities, and even dust off your boots for an alumni game. Subscribe to our alumni mailing list by emailing or join our Facebook group.

Alyssa Anderson

Yevgen Aufdembrink

Ali Avgeris

Liz Baker-Jennings

Cora Bales
Vanessa Bernick 

Brittany Biedenbender

Bridget Bolotin

Ali Borowsky

Lauren Bowser

Sylvia Braaten (USA 15s)

Elizabeth Bristow

Ali Borowsky

Lauren Bowser

Colleen Canniff

Jenna Carsello

Tanya Carlson (USA 7s)

Sarah Chobot (USA 15s)

Sara Corcoran

Adrianne Cortes

Maggie Craig

Trish Curtis

Kate Daley (USA 15s, 7s, Rio 2016)

Leslie Davenport

Anabel Diaz

Rose DiBalsamo

Kerra DiVincenzo

Farrah Douglas (USA 15s)

Lauren Doyle (USA 7s, Rio 2016, Tokyo 2020)

Marsha East

Sabra Ebersole

Liz Entwhistle

Wren Felton

Elizabeth Fink

Alison Freidheim

Susan Fritz

Amanda Gagliano
Heidi Galasek

Yuliana Garcia

Susan Gaunt-Stearns

Devon Gold 

Kota Graziano 

Marie Guerrero

Megan Hall

Caroline Hauser

C Meghan Hausman 

Claire Herdeman

Benny Hershik

Meredith Hildreth

Kelley Hirt

Katie Horvath
Abby Hunter

Perise Ili (Australia 15s)

Renae Jackson (Australia 15s)

Amanda Jayska

Leilani Jimenez
Ti’akka Johnson

Cathy Karl

Lavendar Kelley

Farley King
Marlise King

Molly Kinsella (USA 15s)

Sarah Kish 

Phaidra Knight (USA 15s)

Pam Kosanke (USA 15s, 7s)

Diedre Kruckenburg

Bronwyn Laidlaw (Australia 15s)

Mary LaPierre

Lani Larson

Denise Latitia

Hayley Lawrance

Jeanna Locascio Reed

Meg Loomis

Jenny Lui (USA 15s, 7s)

Amy Martello
Cristina ‘Teena’ Mastreangelo (USA 7s)

Amy McDill

Andrea McKenna

Dawn McKenzie

Lindsay McNamara

Sidney Montano

Allie Movrich

Rachael Mueller

Nicole Murphy

Annie Myers

Jen Nichols

Brittany 'Chip' O'Dell 

Kim O'Neal

Sherri Oslick

Ariel Nichoson

Pam Palmentera

Neha Patel 

Sara Pfander

Christiane Phiel (USA 15s)

Naomi Phillips

Alisha Pritchett

Dorothy Prickett

Brianne Quaglia

Megan Quinn
Claire Ray

Kelsey Reed

Courtney Reid

Gema Resendiz

Nova Riemer 

Candace Rodriguez

Jennie Romich

Liza Roscetti

Sonia Schaefbauer
Anne ‘Sliz’ Schwaab

Sara 'Bobby' Shanley
Erin Sinclair

Alissa Sirianni

Taria Steffens
Suzy Smith

Mary Swanstrom

Fran Swartz
Christen Suda

Devin Torii

Joy Tull
Sarah Walsh (USA 15s)

Christina West

Meaghan White

Gabby Whittinghill
Mary Williams-Barber
Nia Williams

Chloe Willstrom

Lynette Wissmiller Bayer (USA 7s)
Mandy Zarling

Charli Jacoby (USA 15s)

Lauren Trout

We are proud to have had players represent their countries on their national teams (shown in purple). Congratulations to our North Shore family who have received the honor of being capped internationally! Thank you for representing North Shore rugby.

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