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A new normal for NS

COVID-19 has us in its grip now, but it is not a time to be too discouraged. Our board has responded with authority and clarity always communicating with good intention and care to all our club stakeholders. There are many people in our neighborhoods and cities like health, education, logistics, retail professionals, first responders and our neighbors who are making sure good things happen, problems are solved, and we progress to the other side of this difficult moment.

Competition might have stopped, but this is a great time for learning, development and mental skills training. To meet the challenge of this time, we are producing player education videos, presenting webinars for player education, running on online work out groups (keeping our social distance), connecting and making sure we maintain our connection and community.

Spring has been tricky for our lives outside our game so far, but in difficult moments we can find new solutions, and take on new responsibilities and see the world differently. We can adapt ourselves to help others and ourselves, and we can progress differently, not less, toward our club goals. Things might be tough right now, and they might continue more than we hope or expect, but in dark times, look for the bright spots where you can find them, seek out opportunities for good moments and positive experiences.

Go shopping, support your local stores if you can, check in with your team mates, call your friends, chat with your family and look after yourself with the best body, mind and spirit conditioning you can do at this time.

Go NS!



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