• John Coumbe-Lilley

Almost rugby week 1

As July 4th approached we trained for three nights last week in our almost ‘rugby phase’. We worked on handling, kicking, and receiving, decision-making, communication, and leadership in our integrated sessions. Numbers continue to be good given the conditions we find ourselves in. The spirit is good, we found time to enjoy the fireworks lit over our heads against a full moon over Chicago.

One of the amazing things about training at Stanton Park is the night sky and Chicago skyline working together to create an amazing backdrop for our training. It’s hard not to be inspired in the golden hour before sunset. Join us for some rugby and astronomy at Stanton Park.

Thursday night is touch rugby night! Come out play with Chicago North Shore.

Training Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday starts at 7 pm sharp and winds down at

8:45 pm.

I can’t wait! See you on the field.


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