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CNS Represents Midwest Thunderbirds at Mary Graham All Star Rugby Tournament in Texas

In case you missed it, earlier this month, we had some badasses play with the Midwest Thunderbirds at this year’s Mary Graham All Star Rugby Tournament in Austin, TX.

Our squad was represented by two Midwest Thunderbird sides that went 4-0, 177-15 overall, and won both the cup and plate championship! Big shout out to Esther Anderson for captaining the top side as well.

Photo: Chicago North Shore players at the tournament with their respective hardware.

The Thunderbirds roster featured appearances from some of our 15s studs:

Esther Anderson

Maria Bashmakov

Nicole Fisch

Ariane Lozac’hmeur

Kadie Sanford

Syrah Starnes

We even got to see some familiar faces with playing against former CNS stars: Sam Kupitz, Amy Martello, and Kathleen Stanley as they suited up for the TRU all-stars.

Photo: Current and former Chicago North Shore players represented at the tournament.

We also got to play with some of our WPL rivals from the Amazons.

Photo: WPL players from Chicago North Shore and Twin City Amazons represented at the tournament.

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