• John Coumbe-Lilley

Developing despite COVID-19

Chicago United (Chicago North Shore & Chicago Women) completed their first week of virtual online practice. 22 members called in for the first practice, and 24 joined the second session. The team is making the best of a tough situation using technology to facilitate player education on mental skills training, positional requirements, match analysis, and systems briefings.

Even though health, safety and social distancing is uppermost in our minds, we love rugby, and learning a little bit about the game is useful for new players, and good reminders for seasoned players too. Club members can access materials on the club’s YouTube channel and shared drive.

Let’s talk diet and conditioning. We all need to monitor the quality of our food intake and our eating patterns. It is tough to not become comfortable with life as it is, on the other hand flexibility, mobility, intake regulation and hydration are all things players and coaches alike need to be careful about. Good nutrition, sleep, fluid and workout habits are good for rugby, and good for life. Be healthy for life!

Check in on a friend, look after your pets, connect with someone you love, and look after yourself.

Go CU!


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