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New sports nutrition coaches - Radhika Patel and Sean Clark

Chicago North Shore has begun a new sports nutrition coaching internship with the Department of Kinesiology and Nutrition from the University of Illinois at Chicago. One of our nutrition coaches is Radhika Patel. Radhika brings experience, insight, and professional preparation to the club until November 2021.

Welcome, Radhika.

Contact Radhika to set up a one on one appointment at:

From initiating nutrition and fitness campaigns at her local temple to teaching Human Anatomy/Physiology at Roosevelt University, Radhika has diverse personal, academic and professional backgrounds. She came into Nutrition and Kinesiology from her own personal experience with losing about 120 pounds, maintaining it, and increasing her own strength and endurance through regular resistance and cardiovascular training.

For the past three years, she has been working with various women’s groups to help educate women about the importance of their health, proper nutrition and regular physical activity. Radhika is a science geek but she is specifically interested in the relationship between nutrition and the human body. Her most recent research project was focused on understanding the association between diet quality, the gut microbiome and systemic inflammation.

Radhika has a Masters in Biomedicine with a focus in Immunology and a Masters in Nutrition with a parallel focus in Kinesiology. She has experience working with people of all ages in various different settings including nutrition and fitness education. She lives in the suburbs of Chicago and enjoys volunteer work, going out with her friends, and almost anything related to fitness and dance.

Contact Radhika to set up a one on one appointment at:

Welcome, Sean!

Sean is a student in the Master’s Coordinated Program in Nutrition at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) and is excited to contribute his nutrition knowledge to the North Shore Women’s Rugby team starting with the 2021 season. Sean will graduate in December 2021 and sit for the Registered Dietitian Exam. He wants to continue to help athletes of all levels meet their full potential.

Sean has been a Personal Trainer for over 10 years working at Equinox and other clubs around the Chicago area. He currently manages private training clients while completing his education in dietetics. Sean also holds a certification as a Health Coach from American Council on Exercise (ACE). Recently, Sean was a dietetic intern at a Chicago gym catering to high performing athletes under the supervision of their Performance Dietitian. His experience working with clientele ranging from High School athletes to Master’s athletes in a variety of sports gives him a unique perspective in the fields of athletics and nutrition.

Sean lives in the Chicago suburbs with his wife and 3 boys. He is an experienced marathon runner and enjoys watching Chicago sports.

Contact Sean to set up a one on one appointment at:


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