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Phase 3 in the Rear View Mirror. Phase 4 ahead.

We have come to the end of the current COVID-19 Restore Illinois phase-3 restriction. It’s been a fantastic demonstration of commitment by the board and players to assure player safety that allowed training to happen. We’ve been building the base, it’s a testament to the motivation of the players how many attended and trained so hard. We know Chicago North Shore players around Chicagoland for various reasons have been training on their own and making the best of their situation. We all look forward to them returning and filling out our playing roster.

We have trained three nights per week using creativity and innovation to keep the training sessions interesting, engaging, and challenging. Coach Joe from Chicago Women is with us now, and we have been able to focus on endurance, speed, and power (ESP) and ball handling. It was a good start in tough conditions. Player's attitudes were top class, and plenty of parking lot fun was had too.

A big shout out to Stan, and all the board members of Chicago United and players who crafted our COVID-19 protocols and assured all of our safety and wellness. Thanks to Bridget and Sarah for loading me up with more cleansing products than I shop for in a year. I am good for the fall too Bridget!

New innovations

We began tentatively introducing the Gambetta Method of speed development. Check out Vern Gambetta’s work. He’s a proper coach with great ideas for team sports speed. We also introduced handling techniques for the emerging Chicago North Shore style of rugby and an emphasis on movement quality. Saturday kicking clinics began connected with our tactical innovations from previous seasons. We’re measured in our approach, ensuring players are not overloaded, and always keeping the vibe good and positive.

Phase 4 Training – Almost Rugby

We’re allowed to train without live tackling, rucking body contact, and live scrums. Shields, hit-pads sausages, and suites can be used, two-handed touch and flag rugby is permitted. We will go to the line for our training. We will continue to observe safety guidelines and checking protocols to ensure player safety. Training emphasis will continue to be movement and technical quality, ESP and lots, and lots of play attacking with the ball and defending threats.

As a Women’s Premier League club our focus is on all our players improving and raising the quality of our play to match the quality of our community engagement and friendships.

Thursday night is touch rugby night! Come out play with Chicago North Shore.

Training Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday starts at 7 pm sharp and winds down with a cool down and announcements at 8:45 pm. Watch the club listserv, website, and YouTube channel for updates.

I can’t wait for almost rugby! See you on the field.



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