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Rugby League Update-Tampa bound baby!

Rugby league training has started. Numbers at training have been good for those preparing for the Tampa 9s tournament and others preparing for rugby's return sometime this year. We had 11 for the first session 17 for the second session. Players from three clubs attended training and more are welcome. Rugby league allows all players to step out of the union game and join with friends and new players from other clubs without conflict between clubs.

The players are learning the rules and getting used to new movements like the play-the-ball restart. They are learning defensive techniques like 'turtling', double-tackling, and controlling the player in the tackle. The players learned quickly and adapted well to new ways of playing rugby.

The tournament in Tampa provides different opportunities for players. Garen Casey, the USA Women's Rugby League Head Coach will lead a practice session before the event. Another opportunity is for WPL players to experience the preparation for an event by the new coaching staff. Even though Tampa is a new event and rugby is slowly returning the coaching staff is using the opportunity to work a build-up the week before the event just as they would if the event was for the WPL match or a sevens tournament. A final opportunity for the players is playing with each other and bonding because of the challenges they face on the field and the problems they solve together. Then enjoy the social aspect of rugby which like so many folks know is part of our love of the sport.

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