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We're back!

Spirits were high last night. Chicago North Shore is back training and the vibe was good and positive. The City of Chicago eased its COVID-19 lockdown restrictions to phase 3 and we started our summer training schedule at Stanton Park at the intersection of Division and Halsted with a stunning nighttime view of the Chicago skyline. As twilight came last night the city lit up, and it was fantastic to be training in one of the world's great cities.

Our training focus is to get back into rugby condition, be with our teammates, have the laughs and giggles we need and develop individual movement quality, ball-handling skills, and build a base of endurance for the season ahead (fingers crossed).

We observe World Rugby's directions, all players are tested and report their health conditioning before training. We maintain distance, avoid sharing equipment and water bottles, we follow sanitation rules and we're consistent. All 13 players who trained last night gave a great effort, and we're looking forward to building towards some kind of rugby later this year. The training ended with smiles, encouragement, and motivation to return for the next session.

We're back!


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