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What's new for players?

There is no Fall WPL

No WPL. No problem. Our board and I began conversations several weeks ago about the WPL not going ahead as intended. We have a plan for our club and player development including regular gameplay within phase-4 restrictions. All our members will still be able to train three times per week and get playing time to improve, have fun, and continue to strive for representative honors. A new program of activities will be available after July 20.

Get your passports ready

Rugby clubs around the world are chomping at the bit to cross the white lines and kick off their first game post-COVID-19. We are exploring opportunities for international travel in 2021. As details emerge updates will be posted to the website and internal club communications. Our goal is to tour and play abroad every other year at a minimum.

Player feedback sessions

We started our first semi-annual player checking to review goals and understand training priorities and improvements for individual players. These meetings were scheduled in one hour blocks sometimes alone or in pairs with a teammate present. The next individual player check-in will be at the end of the fall season in late October / early November.

Rugby League

We are exploring a rugby league concept with USA Women's Rugby League to become a northern franchise. Our purpose with this opportunity is to discover if it adds to an annual calendar of exciting rugby opportunities for all skill levels and a pathway for motivated players who seek that extra competitive edge in addition to the WPL.

Several of our players are registered for the upcoming USA Women's Rugby League event in Austin, TX this fall. We will be preparing all players irrespective of union club affiliation for the event with clinics and training sessions. This is a great opportunity to broaden and deepen your rugby experience and be part of an exciting process. If you love running hard, creativity and tackling, fitness, and non-stop action, then rugby league is for you.


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